Easton, PA / In Progress

The Confluence

The new threshold for a historic downtown

Sitting at the gateway to the city, 185 South Third Street is a threshold for all who enter Easton’s downtown. This site lays at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers, a riverine landscape which defines the historical and ecological identity of the City.
The public plaza is anchored by a sixty-foot long water wall, with water attenuating sound at the the union of the public and private plazas. The public plaza is open for daily use for seating and dining, and is also intended for use by ArtsQuest for public arts programming and large events such as weddings. The private plaza includes two kitchenettes and lounge spaces, as well as a dog park for residents.

The diverse architectural programming of the site includes a 230-unit apartment building; a six-story tower with residential units and condominiums; an arts center and gallery; low-income targeted live/work artist’s lofts; two movie theaters; and an underground parking garage. A series of public landscapes, overlooks, and thresholds unite the experience of this site to create a place that can be accessed by all, and feels alive and safe in all times and seasons. The development puts forth a vision for the new future of Easton, re-establishing its urban and historic character while embracing the surrounding native landscape that defines the City.


Size: 3 acres
Cost: $70,000,000

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