Easton, PA / In Progress

The Confluence

The new threshold for a historic downtown

Sitting at the gateway to the city, 185 South Third Street is a threshold for all who enter Easton’s downtown core. This site lays at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers, a riverine landscape which defines the historical and ecological identity of the City. The proposed development is inspired by this grand confluence, creating a place for new commercial activity as well as equitable and high-quality housing. A public park at the center of the site is embraced by a 190-unit apartment building; a six-story tower with potential for a hotel, commercial or residential units; an arts center and gallery; low-income targeted live/work artist’s lofts; two movie theaters; underground parking garage; and retail space that has potential to house a grocery store. A series of public landscapes, overlooks, and thresholds unite the experience of this site to create a place that can be accessed by all, and feels alive and safe in all times and seasons. The development puts forth a vision for the new future of Easton, re-establishing its urban and historic character while embracing the surrounding native landscape that defines the City.


The project proposal was approved by a citizen-led committee, and is undergoing final public approvals within the City of Easton. The project is a collaboration with Peron Development; USA Architects; Boyle Construction Management; and Civitas Regio Civil Engineering.


Size: 3 acres
Cost: $70,000,000

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