Allentown, PA / 2019-2022

Hamilton Street – 5th to Church Street

Contemporary Design of a Historic Boulevard

Working with the City of Allentown, Omnes is developing a design and set of future guidelines for Hamilton Street. This central artery is Allentown’s civic boulevard and main retail street, once known nationally for its retail experience and innovative “hanging garden” lights. The collaboration with the City of Allentown will improve Hamilton Street from 5th through Church Streets, while also establishing design guidelines for the length of Hamilton Street. The project will include replacement of all sidewalks, street trees, plantings, and installation of new lighting and site furnishings. A rhythmic sequence of street trees celebrates the linear corridor, creating dappled shade but also open views to retail shopfronts. The project will utilize simple, timeless materials to form a pedestrian-friendly environment to stand the test of time.


Size: 1.508 acres

Collaborators: The City of Allentown, RETTEW

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