Residential Courtyard

A sublime sanctuary to call home

Inspired by the experience of a sylvan clearing and the falling of trees within old-growth forests, the forms of this central courtyard create pockets for socializing, quiet moments of contemplation, and opportunities to benefit from the peace of nature. As part of a grand mixed-use development, the communal residential space celebrates this plot of earth with some elements of landscape that allow one to experience the sublime: dappled shade, spring blossoming, glowing autumnal leaves, and lushly textured plantings. The centrality of an open lawn is reinforced by generous tree canopies and planted berms, while the landscape ascends to an amphitheater-like overlook. Nestled within planting, a glass cabin creates a lantern in the landscape, inviting residents to be in the landscape in all seasons and weather.

Custom sculptural benches frame the entry to the building, as the forms of flowering magnolia trees welcome all through its thresholds. A combination extensive/intensive green roof creates a visual amenity for all residents while enhancing stormwater capture for the site. The roof also provides insulation for the buildings below, lowering energy demands during cool winters and warm summer months.