Sands Point, NY / 2006

Sands Point Residence

A glass pavilion for living

This 1950s ranch house was re-imagined as a contemporary construct for a couple and their adult children to enjoy throughout the year. A glass pavilion for living, dining, and cooking was added to the existing structure, with elegant stone floors and a radiant heating system. Articulated wood and stone walls at the entryway celebrate the modernist construct and add texture to the home’s contemporary setting. The landscape embraces the L-shaped structure and blurs the line between architecture and landscape with outdoor terraces, a pavilion, gardens, swimming pool, and outdoor gathering places. Developed in collaboration with Terrain, the planting palette revivifies the borrowed landscape and creates screening at the site perimeter. The gardens and outdoor living spaces were designed simultaneously with the glass pavilion and were conceived as extensions of the new indoor living spaces. This project by Laura Stedenfeld was created as part of a collaborative team at Ohlhausen DuBois Architects, in tandem with Terrain; Laura Stedenfeld was Intern Architect on the project. All images are courtesy Ohlhausen DuBois Architects.


Size: 1 acre
Cost: $1,200,000