New York, NY / 2010

New York City Penthouse Terrace

Framing the skyline with verdant architecture

Located on the 32nd Floor on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the landscape over structure offers stunning panoramic views of Midtown, Central Park, Broadway, the East River, and the Hudson River. The design takes advantage of this prime location with glass parapet walls and low planters for unhindered views. Cantilevered ten feet above the deck is the main feature of the terrace – a green wall that clads the interior of the building’s parapet and frames all views. Custom-designed stainless steel sculptural panels in linear forms project in front of the planted wall for sculptural interest, tying in with details in the interior designed by Ashe Leandro. Opposite the green wall, the building façade is clad above with translucent 3Form resin panels, which are back-lit at night to create a subtle glow. An adaptable lighting design with elements hidden along the building’s façade can be used to illuminate elegant dinner parties and intimate gatherings. This project was created as part of a collaborative team at Thomas Balsley Associates in tandem with interior architects Ashe Leandro; Laura Stedenfeld was Landscape Designer and Project Manager while at Thomas Balsley Associates.