Morristown, NJ / 2015

MetLife Investment HQ

A place to gather, among the trees

Inspired by the riverine ecology of the nearby Whippany River, the new campus for MetLife Investments Headquarters is a social center for collaboration and global forces. A 13,000-square-foot plaza is a space where employees can gather within various outdoor “rooms” and have flexible settings for work and discussions: a wood-topped amphitheater, a planted podium bench that doubles as a deck, a slipped plane bench, and a grove with flexible, movable seating and power/internet connections. A 2,500-square-foot plaza adjacent to the cafeteria offers a sylvan setting, framed within a grid of Ginkgo trees and wall of rushing water. Paving patterns within the project were inspired by the work of Andy Goldworthy, as well as the rushing water of the Whippany. Laura Stedenfeld worked as Landscape Architect & Project Manager on this project while at Land Collective. Images are courtesy of Land Collective and MetLife.


Size: 17.7 acres
Cost: $3,000,000