Pittsburgh, PA / 2021

Manchester-Chateau TRID Action Strategy

A TRID Action Strategy

The construction of PA State Route 65 (SR-65) in the mid-twentieth century completely bifurcated Pittsburgh’s Manchester and Chateau neighborhoods. Residents, the City of Pittsburgh, partner agencies, and local non-profit partners are determined to improve safety, accessibility, and connectivity within the neighborhoods. The Manchester-Chateau TRID Action Strategy was initiated to explore the use of a Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID) to unite these neighborhoods and use value capture to ensure that new revenue gained by neighborhood development is reinvested into Manchester-Chateau. The recommendations within the plan enhance safety through roadway design improvements; improve quality and access to public transit services; improve pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure; and reconnect Manchester and Chateau through a new vision for the SR-65 network.

Over the course of the project, a series of interviews, focus group discussions, online polls, and printed newsletters were used to introduce the neighborhood plan. Feedback from these outreach methods as well as from the Steering Committee  ̶  composed of public-, private- and non-profit-sector stakeholders  ̶  helped to create guiding objectives, refine the recommendations and identify priority projects. This work is intended to take the next step, building from the previous EPA Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan (MCNP) to develop specific actions backed with new financial resources to reunite Manchester. Omnes served as sub-consultant on the project to Interface Studio, creating design strategies and renderings to illustrate the future of a connected Manchester-Chateau.