Cambridge, MA / 2014

Kendall Square Public Realm Framework Plan Competition

Establishing identity at the heart of Kendall Square

The Kendall Square Public Realm Framework Plan sought to create identity through landscape for the burgeoning development of the Kendall Square neighborhood. The area is framed by MIT, Massachusetts Avenue, and the Charles River, and is undergoing rapid development and revitalization. The team envisioned Kendall Square as a holistic civic commons, a set of collective and democratic resources that created social activity while keeping the character of the urban context. The master plan was thought of as a social framework supported by physical space improvements, supportive of a multitude of activities. The polycentric approach to placemaking celebrated the best aspects of New England life while planning for a more resilient future for the waterfront neighborhood. Laura Stedenfeld worked as Landscape Architect on this project while at Land Collective, in collaboration with SiteLab and Sasaki. Images are courtesy of SiteLab, Land Collective, and Sasaki.



Size: 10 acres
Cost: Not applicable