Allentown, PA / 2019

Hamilton Connector Plaza

Linear landscape as a social connector

The Hamilton Connector is an arts-infused linear landscape that connects the Allentown ArtsWalk to the social activity of Hamilton Street. The concept was established as part of the City Center Landscape Development Framework, and helps to revivify the ArtsWalk as a social armature. The design utilized existing infrastructure while introducing new paving, lighting, and planting to form a contemporary space. A series of “dots” throughout its length act as podium benches that can be used as seating, stages, and places for art and performance. A restored art piece along Hamilton Street draws visitors into the space, announcing the presence of art within the ArtsWalk. The Pocket Park will be constructed in tandem with the Hamilton Connector project in spring 2019. Laura Stedenfeld worked as Landscape Architect & Project Manager on this project while at Land Collective. The plan image below is courtesy of Land Collective.


Size: .16 acre
Cost: $1,200,000