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Easton Pocket Parks Master Plan

Big ideas for Easton’s little spaces

The City of Easton is planning the next generation of community pocket parks, and commissioned Omnes to lead an innovative, communicative planning process. The project develops a master plan for seven parks in poor condition, located in the dense residential neighborhoods of West Ward and South Side neighborhoods of Easton, PA. The plan is a community-led process, with residents informing the future use of these parks—whether it be enhanced amenities; infrastructure and programming; or use of the land for community resources and housing. The master plan continues a dialogue that the City of Easton began in 2018 about the use of the parks, with Omnes now facilitating discussion within the community.

The planning process is anchored by a bi-lingual hub of engagement at www.eastonpocketparks.com, a site designed and programmed by Omnes. Residents can participate in an online survey, and can also win gift certificates through interactive contests such as a photo scavenger hunt or drawing one’s “Dream Park.” To launch the website and beginning of the planning process, Omnes conceived of an ephemeral art piece, Pinwheels in the Park. Over 1500 pinwheels were placed in these seven parks to spark curiosity and engagement, perfect for socially-distanced community discussions during COVID-19.

To take the survey and learn more about the project, visit www.eastonpocketparks.com, and also see Omnes’ page on Pinwheels in the Park.


Size: 3,890 sf to just over 1/2 acre

Collaborators: The City of Easton, West Ward Community Initiative, Greater Easton Development Partnership, Civitas Regio Civil Engineering

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