Allentown, PA / 2017

ArtsWalk Plaza at Strata Symphony

An arts-infused pedestrian plaza

The linear plaza of the ArtsWalk links the Soldiers and Sailors monument at Center Square to the Allentown Art Museum, establishing a linear plaza that unites multiple galleries, retail, restaurants and residential uses along its arts-infused armature. This extension of the ArtsWalk was recommended in the Arts & Nature Landscape Development Plan to help the space read as a continuous space with intermittent social gathering places. A new residential structure just north of Miller Symphony Hall created an opportunity for gathering outside for residents, visitors, and show attendees.

This second phase of the ArtsWalk Extension includes custom-designed sculptural benches at the center of the space, framed by ascending rows of custom crystal lanterns. On the ground, a paving pattern devised by computer coding creates a crescendo in the center of the space, dissipating into lighter tones at each end of the linear plaza. With adjacency to the Allentown Art Museum and Baum School of Art, a large sculpture by Ernest Shaw in the center of the plaza is restored to its original vibrant red. This project was created as part of a collaborative team at Land Collective, with Laura Stedenfeld as project manager.



Size: 1.75 acres
Cost: $1,850,000