Allentown, PA / 2016

Art & Nature Landscape Development Plan

A city-wide plan for arts-based development

A collaboration with developer City Center Lehigh Valley, this wide-ranging vision plan re-imagines downtown Allentown’s public spaces as pedestrian friendly gathering places that integrate art and nature, and offer a range of amenities for the City’s diverse citizens. The plan includes the voices of more than a dozen stakeholders, and was unanimously accepted by all. The framework defines a number of public space initiatives that are underway or have been recently constructed, such as the ArtsWalk and the re-configuration of Center Square (among others). The planning project was informed by the community in a day-long sidewalk engagement session giving citizens the opportunity to react to proposed designs and offer their own ideas about downtown. This engagement included dot-voting, “love notes” and “break-up letters” to Allentown, an interactive photo booth, priority mapping, and opportunities to give input on specific park programming elements. Laura Stedenfeld worked as Landscape Architect & Project Manager on this project while at Land Collective. Images are courtesy of Land Collective and City Center Allentown.


Size: Multiple sites ranging from .5 to 4 acres
Cost: Not applicable